Marion Pike

I was named for my grandmother Marion Pike who was also an artist. Here are some pictures of her as well as some information about her life:

Cuckoo in her studio in Los Angeles

Cuckoo with Coco Chanel

Marion Pike, Aka Cuckoo    1913 – 1998

Marion Pike was born in 1913 on her family’s ranch in Northern California, the niece of the early American pioneer Kit Carson.  Admitted to Stanford at the age of 14, she earned the Block “S” Blanket for all around excellence in sports for being on fourteen teams including golf. She was one of the first women to ever receive this accolade.It was on a golf course in the 1930’s where she met Bob and Dolores Hope who later gave her the nickname of Cuckoo. This is what we all called her instead of something like Grandmother or Nana. Cuckoo led a fascinating life that included painting portraits of Pope John Paul II in Rome, the skies off Claudette Colbert’s beach in Barbados, Zubin Mehta conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Artur Rubinstein dictating his memoirs in Marbella, Coco Chanel in Paris, Lee Kwan Yew in Singapore, Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West, Estee Lauder,  Licia Albanese of the New York Metropolitan Opera, Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the White House and Lucille and Norton Simon in Los Angeles. When I was born, Lucille became another grandmother figure in my life as I spent many hours and days at her house being introduced to art through her collection . So I have been surrounded by art and artists my whole life which no doubt shaped the work I make today.

Lucille Simon holding me as a baby in 1971

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