I try to be diligent about writing at least once a month. There are times when we feel overwhelmed by our lives. I wake up every day at 5am in the dark; I make lunches and shuttle children to school. By 8 am I have already worked for 3 hours. My day doesn’t stop until 8:30 pm when the kids are in bed. This kind of day would be trying enough if I also didn’t have to go to court once a month and sometimes more. This is part of the reason I did not post my blog last month. Yes, I am overworked, overtired and stressed out. But these adjectives are not unique to my circumstances. All my friends lead similar lives. The difference is that every word I put down, every thought, every feeling, every event in my life is being watched. I am being virtually stalked through my blog and any other social media outlets as well as google searches. My words are then printed out as they follow me to court. While I’m not sure how my ex plans to use my writing against me (and he has tried), it’s knowing that he relentlessly stalks me on-line that is unnerving. And knowing that he has nothing to do all day but stalk me is even more disconcerting. Endless motions are filed in court to get money from me. All I do is work and he has the nerve to ask for part of my rental income, my catering income, my art income and anything else he can get his hands on. He does not work and pays nothing toward the care of our children. I find comfort that he has not managed to collude with anyone in my destruction. In fact, the opposite has occurred. I am surrounded by love and friends and support while he is alone and angry and vengeful. I will never allow for hate and rage to overcome good sense as he has.

As the deadline approaches for my solo show in Dallas at Galleri Urbane, my sense of panic has waned and now I feel a calm resolve to make it to the finish line. I’m hesitant to reveal too many images before the show opens this Spring but here are a few teaser shots:

The paintings and the sculpture are all part of an integral installation. When all the pieces are installed together, hopefully the work will be defined by a cohesion of pattern and meaning.

It’s always great to hear from happy clients. Here is my youngest from Philadelphia, Charlie, with his new animal painting:


My grandmother’s exhibition in Washington DC was a great affair attended by hundreds. Originally curated by Amy De La Haye for the London College of Fashion, the show later traveled to Milan, and finally landed stateside at American University’s Katzen Art Center. Even though the show is officially titled Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike, Paris 1967-1971, the family has dubbed it Cuckoo and Coco. My grandmother had this amazing ability to capture the likeness of her subjects. The portraits she painted didn’t just resemble the sitter, they captured the essence of her subject’s personality. One subject she could never quite get was myself. I saw my grandmother every year she came to live with us and work in her Los Angeles studio that my mother and father built for her as an addition to our family home. Every visit she would have me sit for her. Baffled by how difficult I was to capture, she tried again and again but the portraits never looked like me. My favorite is of me as a little girl not more than three years old with a long paint brush held to paper as I’m sitting on the floor of her studio.

I was thrilled to be able to take my own two children to see their great-grandmother’s exhibition and celebrate my daughter’s 9th birthday all on the same weekend. Here is a slideshow of the exhibition.


I usually find joy in writing. I look at it as another art form and finding creativity in everything I do is very important to me. So for this reason I impose an arbitrary deadline of a once a month blog post. Even though the last year and a half has given me new found strengths, it has also been debilitating. And sometimes processing everything in my life prevents me from producing. During my nightly pep talk I repeat my mantra: you will get through this, you will get through this, you will get through this.

This Month’s Music: Oceaán


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