New Year, New Home, New Studio

My new studio is the living room in my 100-year-old apartment building. With vaulted, wood-beamed ceilings I am in awe of the beautiful craftsmanship as I stare at the hand-stenciled details. I have my grandmother’s model stand as the centerpiece of the space and my work tables are ready to be utilized. Now that we have finally unpacked our new home, I can get to work and implement the ideas for my solo show that have been percolating for the last month.


We celebrated the New Year with a few friends and their children. When my guests arrived, they saw our beautiful, giant Christmas tree surrounded by wrapped packages. One friend laughed as he found out these were gifts I intended to give each of my guests as they left. He thought they were fake, placed for decoration. The presents were small paintings or drawings; some I’ve had for twenty years. I thought, what a better way to start the new year than to clean out my large caché of work and give away, with love, my art. Here are some portraits sent by my guests and their art:








This month Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike, Paris 1967-71 will finally be exhibited stateside at the Katzen Art Center in Washington DC. Here is the first press on the exhibit and a great candid photo of my grandmother with Coco:



January is when we collectively reflect on the year that was. My year has already been chronicled in my last twelve posts but even though the pain still rings in my ears, I asked myself and my children to think about or reflect upon what was good about the year. For me, the one bright spot was being offered a solo exhibition at my gallery in Dallas. Happiness came in the form of a surprise baby for my 44 year-old high school friend who was amazed that she was able to bring a healthy child into the world despite her and her husband’s ages. Good news arrived as a devastating diagnosis for my nephew was downgraded to less critical; possibly avoiding the dreaded surgery once almost a certainty. Getting to work with and help heal other survivors of domestic abuse has been the most unexpected and fulfilling development in my art. Making sculpture again after more than 25 years has been like a dream. My daughter’s blossoming musical talents have been a thrill to nurture and watching them perform live is by far the most amazing and deliriously happy moment of 2016. To my friends and family who rallied support behind me when I really felt all hope was lost, I thank you.

This month’s music: TokiMONSTA


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