Moving On

As my children and I come to terms with moving on from the house they grew up in, I’m thankful for so many things. I’m thankful for the chance I had to transform a house into a home. This slideshow shows some of images of how the house was restored by my love for art and design. The final project for the house was the landscaping. It will be bittersweet to leave my home of the last 15 plus years but the good news is that I turned this house:


 Into this:


And I can do it again.

Three of the last fifteen years were spent in Valencia, Spain where I designed the kitchen and baths while maintaining the original charm of the flat. I’ll live and work in a temporary home while I dream of designing my next stop. I feel invigorated by the idea that I get to rescue another house and turn it into something new.

I finished my first painting for my solo show next year. Now that I know how the series will unfold, the panic of producing an entire exhibition is tempered by a sense of relief. The relief in knowing and seeing the entire show in my minds eye. Here is Cluster Compendium, 2016, 56″ x 72″, acrylic on linen:


And a detail shot:


This month’s music: A Tribe Called Quest


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