Working Titles

I felt lost in the task to translate the night that changed my life. The enormity of the event seemed to dictate a large scale painting. But I realized the moment of feeling completely alone and solely responsible for my two young children didn’t have to be rendered in physical size. The intimate scale of these small panels convey the message exactly. The frenetic palette and multi-layered composition communicate the moment of panic and disbelief. So, the 911 Call painting is completed and awaiting the sculpture installation I’m currently working on to accompany it. I’m relieved the series has begun. Now I can continue the cathartic exploration in the next panels each with their own installation.

911Call In Progress

The next piece in progress currently titled Cluster is about my first appearance in court just a few days after calling 911. My request for a restraining order was denied partly due to an omission in the Police report. I first collapsed in the bathroom of the court house unable to compose myself or even walk to my car. After drying up my tears, I managed to make it to the car park where I collapsed again on the grass outside the entrance. As people passed, I could not compose myself yet nobody stopped. I was relieved by their indifference because even in my public display of grief, I did not want to be bothered. The clump or mass of pill-like, capsule shapes in this painting represent how in spite of my best efforts to keep it together and hold my life intact, the explosion of events was out of my control. A couple of weeks later, armed with a lawyer and properly worded paper-work, the court granted my kick-out and restraining orders and my children and I were able to move back into our house. This piece will also have an installation below the painting dealing with catching that woman falling to the ground. Cluster, in progress below, will be installed as a quad when completed:

Cluster In Progress

Womn Magazine released a few more teaser images ahead of their Spring issue from the photo shoot in my garden and studio last month. Here is an image of the second model from the shoot also through my studio door:


Still no photos with my garden but here is the same model where the photographer cleverly used bits of my driveway:


This month’s music: Anderson . Paak

One thought on “Working Titles

  1. Marion, another powerful and very moving article – the ‘Cluster’ paintings make me almost vividly experience the chaos, grief and free fall of desperation. Looking forward to see it finished with the accompanying installation of ‘catching the woman’ as mentioned.

    I’m saddened to hear that nobody felt the need to check on a fellow human being, but glad to read so much strenght and resolve from your post!

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