Commission Accomplished

When a collector of mine commissioned me to make a companion piece for a painting they already owned, I was nervous to take on the challenge. I’m used to making work and if a collector likes the piece, they buy it. I’ve never been asked to do anything quite like this before. So I decided to make eight paintings on paper and allow the collector to choose one. I had no idea if they would like any of the work and/or if they would deem any of them a worthy companion piece for the art they already owned. Luckily they did love all the work and here is the one they chose:


 Cliff Distortion 23, 2016, acrylic on paper, 15″ x 18″

I made the work the same size and composition and I tried to mix colors I thought would complement my client’s existing work. But color is so subjective and the visceral experience of my work is unique to each individual viewer. What they loved about the piece they bought may not have applied to the new pieces I made. But I love to work and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the reward of a client loving my art. Click here to see all eight paintings.

I’ve had a few false starts and stops on my new painting, 911 Call. Being in and out of court has taken its toll on me emotionally and I find that even when I have time to paint, I am unable. Protecting my children has been my priority but I’m hopeful that this ongoing trauma will inform the work even more.


I have decided to reduce the panels from 5 across to four. It seemed that the line drawing from the recording of my re-enactment of the 911 call divided well into four sections. At first I projected the actual sound wave onto the panels but I found the line to be too frenetic and busy. This led me to freehand the line drawing as I have done in my previous work. I have also minimized the size of the image to create a floating rectangle in the center of the panel rather than fill in the entire space. This conveys an element of privacy and aims to illustrate the personal battle I have had to wage with the painted sound wave more intimately rendered.

Here is a sneak peak at a photo shoot which took place in my newly designed landscape. There were two models photographed in and around the pool, the garden, and the playhouse. This image was shot just using the door to my studio:


The publication is called WOMNMAGAZINE, Where Old Meets New.Fashion.Living.Destination. The edition featuring my garden will be out in April for their Spring issue. I’ll share behind the scenes photos and unpublished final images from photographer Felicia Lasala.

This month’s music: Fat Freddy’s Drop

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