Wounds and Injury

Over the summer, I managed to finish the diptych entitled Frequency Distortion 1. There were many interruptions, stops and starts hindered by powerful, emotional circumstances in my life at the time. When I finally managed to complete the piece, my daughter remarked that she thought the painting looked like sound waves. This not only gave me the title of Frequency Distortion, it also informed the idea for my subsequent body of work, Wound Frequency.


Frequency Distortion 1, 2015, acrylic on birch panel, 63″ x 40″

It’s hard to understand why happiness is so elusive. Or, maybe it is easy. We leave an unhappy marriage but that does not equate peace. We try to find happiness in other places, but we fall short. Maybe there is really no true happiness. Maybe we just take the good with the bad and hope tomorrow will be bearable. We measure our lives by the passing of painful events. These events are pictures in our heads and create memories of images to reflect on. What if we measured these life events by the sound they created? What if the auditory memory served as the more poignant? This is what I will explore in my new series of work.


Wound Frequency will grapple with interpretations from recollections of recent events in my life. The paintings will be from recordings of frequencies from the audible crying, the begging, as well as the silent sobbing of catching my breath. The first five panel piece will be entitled “911 call” and is a painting of my voice recorded as a memory of the night I had to call the police to protect myself and my girls. I am not usually one to air my personal life publicly but I feel compelled to record this history in my work and hopefully the power of the moment will be conveyed successfully. Maybe the creation of this body of work will allow tomorrow to be a bearable day.

In gallery news, I recently received this image from Galleri Urbane of some of my works on paper installed at the Tailwater Corporation:


Cliff Distortion 3,7,11,15, 2014, acrylic on paper, 15″ x 18″ea

I’m also working on a commission for collectors of mine in Arkansas. The couple recently collected one of the work on paper series also purchased by the Tailwater Corporation. They wanted two to make it a diptych and since most of the series was sold out, I happily agreed to paint more for them to choose from. Here is the work in progress:


This month’s music: Basecamp

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