Bellas Artes con Otros Ojos

It was a blast being visited this month by Javier Chapa‘s students from the Bellas Artes school. Javier, an incredible painter and friend, presented my work to the class. We went back and forth between English and Spanish and I was impressed by the level of interest from the students:


The students were intrigued with my technique and they threw so many questions at me. Like if I wet the paper before I started to work and did the paint just dry on the paper with the feathered edge; one student scolded another for asking the latter. The students were lovely and it was such a pleasant experience. Here I am explaining how I work on paper and how I create the famous edge:


At the end of the visit, I felt a bit like a rock star as these students below all asked to take a photo with me in front of my painting. We took a few group shots then some pushed the group away for a solo shot with me. Who do they think I am anyway?!


About six months ago an artist poked her head in my studio asking if I would be available to be photographed while painting for a project she was working on. On accepting her invitation, she then asked if I was in fact available that very moment since she had her camera with her. Below I am standing in front of the portrait shot by artist Maite Bäckman at the opening of her photography exhibition, “Con otros ojos”. It was during these last six months or so that she created portraits of each artist participating in RussafArt to be held at the end of this month. She said I was actually the first person she photographed and we both remember how freezing it was on that day and she told me how her hands were so cold she could almost not operate the camera.

MaiteBackmanCon otros ojos:

Exposición de fotografía en la que el proceso de creación de los artistas de Russafart 2014 es el protagonista. 59 imágenes que recorren estudios y talleres poblados de oficio, creatividad y, sobre todo, mucho trabajo.

This month’s music: Ásgeir


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