November Distortions

After two and half years living in Spain and after two years of preparing the work, my solo exhibition opened this month at Sporting Club Russafa in Valencia, Spain. The show is titled Distortion, Una exposición de pinturas de gran formato de la serie de Distortion. This is the promotional poster for the exhibition which hangs at the entrance to the gallery space:


It opened on November 22nd and is on view through December 20, 2013. The inauguration was well attended and I felt truly touched by the out pouring of support from my Spanish “family”. It seemed that everyone had a good time including the kids who enjoyed tearing up and down the gallery.


Here I am posing with my daughter, Javier Chapa (left), and José Antonio Picazo (right). José, my studio mate, is having a solo exhibition up right now at the Colegio de Abogados de Valencia. And Javier is a very well known local artist who is currently included in a prominent group exhibition called Estudios de Arte.


Below is an installation shot of the the show and to see a walk-through of the gallery, click here. And here are images of the entire exhibition.


This is the cover a catalog made for the exhibition. In the back of each copy is a postcard sized unique work on paper which shows the color overlap and brush work technique of the paintings. Catalogs are available upon request.


After installing the paintings, I realized I had run out of space to hang the giant paper wall mural. Hopefully when the work travels to another venue, I can include it along with some new work in progress I have begun in my studio. Here is the piece (…sniff…) that didn’t make it in the show:

Distortion9,2013(WorkOnPaper)Distortion 9, 2013, acrylic on 15 sheets of paper, 64″ x 150″

As part of exhibiting my paintings, I’m obliged to also write about the work or in this case the body if work since it is all part of the same series. I dread this process of explaining the work. And having to write in the language of “art speak” is even more exhausting (I can talk about my work but I prefer to do this in the context of a conversation between maker and viewer). I make it no secret that I absolutely hate these artist’s statements and think they are not only elitist but pointless. Imagine my joy when I finally found someone who agrees with me! I stumbled across this article by Emma Tipton in the Irish Times, “White cube, white noise. Why does the world love jargon?” The article ends with an example of a gallery having used a poem as a press release for one of their artists and it is as, Emma puts, gorgeous. So I asked my artist friend Omar T. Pasha to help me re-imagine my own work as it might appear in poetry form using content from Katherine Kwun McLane’s essay. Our three heads working together produced my new press release:

Marion Wesson contemplates a world of impermanence
with canvas and golden
tempered by detachment and
governed by self-restraint
distilling ideas to their essence,
her distortion brings harmony to this age of dissonance
reexamining ideas of beauty.
This month’s music: John Wizards


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