Behind the Scenes

Today would have been my Grandmother Marion Pike’s 100th birthday and next month I’ll be blogging about her upcoming London exhibition of portraits of Coco Chanel. Right now though I’m excited to report about the behind the scenes preparations. Articles promoting the exhibition have appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Style, and Blouin Artinfo.

Here is the mock-up of the book cover made for the exhibition with a detail shot of one of my Grandmother’s large scale panels:


Behind the scenes here in Valencia, I’m getting ready for my solo exhibition this November at Sporting Club Russafa. The paintings have all been completed, so all that’s left now is creating the promotional materials. Here is already one Valencia newspaper listing promoting the show. I also worked with Neme Jimenez to photograph all the work for the exhibition’s invitation and catalog. I’ve been designing the catalog for a month or so now and it is almost complete. Here is Neme photographing my large work on paper-Distortion 9, 2013:


Since the paintings are completed for the show, I have started working on some small paper pieces for the Mercado Navidad which happens every December in Sporting Club:


There has been a lot of oohing and aahing from my studio compañeros about the blue tape I use to mask the edge of the paper. I looked for two years here in Spain to buy some but ultimately I was fortunate enough to have a couple of friends traveling from the U.S. to Valencia to bring me some. Every time I went to an art store in Valencia, they would look at me sideways and send me to a Fereteria (hardware store) for tape.

Since this is the last blog of the summer, here is my song of the season: Flume-“Holdin’ On”. A lot of shakin’ and paintin’ went on to this song.

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