It’s Time To Buy Some Damn Art…Again

This month I am having my second exhibition with Brooklyn based, new media gallery Buy Some Damn Art. Kate Singleton of Art Hound and BSDA posted for sale six of my new Mascleta works on paper pieces in acrylic paint with colored pencil. Kate interviewed me for an update on my experiences working in Spain as well as the inspiration for this new work. The show runs for six weeks until August 19th.

During the summer here in Valencia, things pretty much shut down. Most people leave town, businesses have limited hours and some even close for the entire month of August. So in celebration or perhaps in resignation, Sporting Club Russafa is having a group show of all its studio artists:


The exhibition opened on July 5th and will run through the end of September, when the town starts to re-open. Since I’ll be having a solo exhibition (see a preview) in the very same space in November of my large scale Distortion paintings, I have decided to show four smaller pieces from the same series.

The opening was followed the next day by an open studio where I did some live painting demonstrations for those curious about my process. Here is a video of one of the demos:

Last month I donated three postcard sized Nasoki Collage pieces for the Anonymous Art Fair which was held at the Westminster School in Central London on June 21st. Proceeds of the auction benefited the Oli Bennett Charitable Trust which provides grants to young entrepreneurs wanting to start up creative companies. Thanks to my studio mate Josie McCoy for inviting me to participate. Here is a shot of the works I created specifically for the auction:


This month’s music: Bonobo

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