A Whole Lotta Valencia with Neme Jimenez and VLC News

This month, I was visited in my studio by photographer Neme Jimenez. Neme is a photographer from Mallorca, Spain who is now based in Valencia. He is creating a series of portraits of painters at work. He photographed me and as well as the other artists working in Sporting Club Russafa. Here are a couple of pictures of me painting while being photographed by Neme:


This was my first experience being the subject of another artist’s work and I would never have met Neme had I not been an artist member of Sporting Club. Being part of this studio collective has been really exciting and fulfilling. Everyday there is something going on in the studio or someone new to meet. One day while I was working, a dancer came in to rehearse for that weekend’s performance. The feeling and the energy in the studio is palatable. I wanted to tell him that he could come back any day to dance or practice. I loved his inventive choreography and inspired presence. I am sure all these performance artists, dancers, and musicians inform my work but mostly I love being surrounded by other people creating.


Here is one of the photos that Neme took of me working. Neme will be exhibiting the black and white image of this shot but I asked him to send me the color version here below:


Click here to see all the artists Neme Jimenez shot for his series on painters working in Valencia, Spain.

And also this month I had yet another studio visit from a writer seeking to document the lives of ex-pats. Valencia based writer, Bob Yareham, interviewed me for the local magazine VLC News. We spent about an hour talking followed by a quick photo shoot. Sporting Club has attracted yet another interested person and it yielded this great article and profile on me living and working in a foreign land. We’ll see what next month brings to my studio…now back to work…

This month’s music: Vampire Weekend

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