Yes, It’s All Done By Hand

Because August is a very slow month for any sort of art news or exhibitions, I have decided to report on the progress of the painting I last blogged about.

I am often asked where the stamp or template is used to create the circles or lines I actually paint by hand. A studio visitor often searches my workspace for the evidence they assume is there. No, in fact everything I paint or draw is done by hand; slow and painstakingly brushed or drawn until the desired effect is achieved. I related this story to a friend and collector. Upon viewing the Mascleta drawing she just purchased,

she looked at me amazed and asked if I had drawn each pencil line one by one. Why yes, how else?

Which brings me to the painting I am working on right now; here it is (a detail shot) with more layers of pigment in a half-finished state:

Each line of color is painted on and then the pigment is brushed to the edges for the desired translucency in the center and the feathered lines to the edges. I repeat this process until the paint starts to dry and its workability comes to an end. I have a limited amount of time once the paint is applied on the canvas to create this effect and the larger the line the faster I have to work. The drying time also depends on the absorbency of the canvas and how many layers are already in place. Hopefully the layers of imagery will create depth and the palette will build up a more richly pigmented look.

A client in San Francisco recently purchased one of my paintings, Preselba 8, 2012. Here it is installed in his home:

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