Buy Some Damn Art

Buy Some Damn Art (BSDA) just launched an on-line exhibition and sale of six of my Nasoki Collage works on paper. The show will be up for the next six weeks from May 15-June 19, 2012. Kate Singleton, the art blogger of Arthound, started BSDA less than a year ago and I’ll be her 29th show. This is also my first on-line art exhibition and combined with the interview, I think it gives people a better understanding of where the work is coming from, the process and the inspiration. Kate originally chose me for her “Artist Crush” series on Arthound. I really like how she is interested in the stories not only behind the work but behind the artist as well.

Here is one of the pieces currently on display, Nasoki Collage 13, 2012:

The best part about BSDA is making original fine art available to collectors of all means. Or is it the name? Hmmm. Here is the BSDA show in a group shot of the work in my studio in Valencia, Spain:


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