Admiral Radley Music Video

Four of my paintings were featured in the most recent music video by the band Admiral Radley. The song is called “Ghosts of Syllables” and the project was envisioned by director Javier Grillo-Marxuach to be a short film featuring their music. You can see a small painting on an easel in the opening shot then two more by the front door leaning against each other and finally, the movers are carrying two of my larger paintings towards the end of the video. My husband also stars along side my work…!

The people responsible for and starring in the film are:

Starring:  Blayne Weaver, Natalie Morales, Marijan Malezan, Bruno Gioiello, Shaughn Buchholz, Andy Reaser, and E.L. Euriamis
Director of photography: Jared Abrams
Production design: Naomi Slodki
Edited by: Cynthia Ludwig
Art department: Reaves Washburn 
Props: Tina Grant
a/c: Chris Collins
Hair and Makeup: Yvonne Wang

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