Nursery Art 2010

Here is my most recent piece of Nursery/Kid’s Art:

Green Piggyback 1, 2010, 16″x20″, acrylic on panel with paper collage

Orange Piggyback 1, 2010, 11″x14″, acrylic on panel with paper collage (SOLD)

Blue Pyramid Piggyback 1, 2010, 16″x20″, acrylic on panel with paper collage (SOLD)

Orange Piggyback 2, 2010, 16″x20″, acrylic on panel with paper collage

Blue Piggyback 1, 2010, 12″x16″, Acrylic on panel with paper collage (SOLD)

This time I painted new backgrounds (instead of reworking older paintings) in the “Oblik” style and drew some new animals with more interactions between them like in the pyramid piece. The snail and the turtle are the new animal silhouettes and two more pieces are currently in progress along with a commissioned “Parade” piece (now completed, please see Commissioned Work 2010).

One thought on “Nursery Art 2010

  1. Hi Marion,

    I just recently heard about your blog. I went on it for the first time and I really love how you put everything together. It is really rich and full of impact. I love everything so I had a hard time deciding which entry to comment on, but I will just put it here.

    The colors of the commissioned work are so great, and really one off from your normal color scheme, but still so fantastic. I am really into neutrals lately, so I just would LOVE to see how you develop that more.

    Your typical color palette, as demonstated in the Oblik series, is so vibrant, saturated, and beautifully exotic. How on earth do you make those colors from store bought paint and where do you get that eye to combine them the way you do?

    This nursery art is so great! It has really taken your former nursery pieces up a notch. **LOVE* The pyramid structure is great and the background works!

    The towels are delightful. I love the story of how they came about. I will be surprised if they do not themselves make it big. Maybe I will even see them at Target one day! Great design to the masses!!

    Can’t believe your grandmother was buddies with Coco Chanel! I looked at the photo and I said she looks very Chanel. Little did I know that it was not your grandmother I was looking at, but Coco Chanel herself!

    Am still loving your Vezila series. Can you come to my lake house and see if you think my favorite piece will work in my space? I was just commenting that now that we repainted all our interiors white, the walls look so blank and are calling out for something! Perhaps Marion’s art!

    So glad you are so committed to your art, after 17 years! And the blog medium is great to get it all out there!


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