Kid’s Towels

Here is a new project I just started working on. I made a few sample towels with my animal drawings appliqued in vintage fabrics I have collected over the years:

Above is the scale of all the towels and below are the different images:

This towel idea actually came from my oldest daughter, of course. She was given a towel with her name on it as a gift from our family friend Weezie (Thanks Weezie!). Now that she is getting taller, she wanted a bigger towel. So off we went to Target in search of a large green (our current favorite color-well, we like purple too) towel which would cover her down to her toes when wrapped like a burrito. We find the perfect green towel and “try” it on in the store to much satisfaction. However, when we get home, she decides she has to have her name on this towel too. So I dug through my collection of fabric and found some great vintage patterns. I had to hand draw (for lack of a stencil) and cut out the letters of her name and then applique them to the towel. This then gave me the idea to also applique one of my animal drawings from my Nursery Art and she chose an elephant. She loves the towel and all her friends who have seen it want one too. I might be busy for awhile…

Now that I have put together a small collection of samples, I’m going to apply to be in Unique LA this December and so I’ll submit the towels along with my Nursery Art. If I am accepted then I’ll also have some kid sized animal t-shirts screen printed and maybe some grocery totes.

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