Bourgeois and Oblik

So, I had this potential client for a studio visit a couple of months ago. She said she loved my work but the colors didn’t suit her; they were too bright. She preferred something black and white. I had never made a black and white painting nor had I ever even considered doing so. After she left, I set to work on a black and white painting. As the painting progressed, my color sensibility kicked in and I was compelled to add green.  The result was Oblik 12, 2010 and the discovery of a new palette with rich gray tones layered together with black, white and the dark green. The moment people started to see this new painting, their reactions were amazing. Normally when an artist is asked to shift their mindset to something foreign, it is rejected outright. But when I opened myself up to this black and white idea, it allowed me to explore a different palette I might not have otherwise discovered.

Here is my most recent work from May 2010:

Untitled 2010

Oblik 17, 2010, 48″ x 60″, acrylic on canvas (SOLD)

Yesterday (May 27, 2010) I heard the sad news of the death of Louise Bourgeois. The first real piece of art I ever purchased was by her; a beautiful Mixografia print which looks like red rope glued to paper. Simple and sensual just like her. My grandmother, Marion Pike (also: book), was also an artist and a great inspiration to me as a young student. Click on the Marion Pike post to read more about her and see some of her paintings.

One thought on “Bourgeois and Oblik

  1. Enjoyed your comments and reflections. Happy to see your site. I love the new “black and white”. Inspirations.

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